Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sitting in bed just watching my bug sleep!

I just got my bug to sleep and hes in his cradle...for now. Around 3am he tends to wake up and NOT want to go back in his cradle so I just put him in bed with us. This freaks Shane out but I dont really care I dont have deep sleeps anymore and Im very aware that hes in bed with us (on myside).
One question keeps popping in my head and I dont know the answer. Can a baby be too attached to his mom??
The type of parenting that just comes naturally to me is attached parenting so that is what I do, it just works for me but lately Ive noticed that sometimes the only thing that calms Bergen down is me. It could be me holding him, him laying on my chest, or me patting on his back and bum. Today when Shane had Bergen and he was crying Shane had Bergen on his chest and he was patting his bum however this didnt calm Bergen down, so after a little while I took him and did the same thing and he calmed right down. I felt bad but I cant help it, I spend all day with him and I am his mommy but is that normal?? Its not just his dad that hes like that with, on sunday he was the same way with his aunt (Shanes sister my family doesnt live in this province).
Ive been told that it could be just because Im to clingy with him, Im always holding him, if hes anywhere by himself and starts to get fussy or cry I pick him right up, but I do that because it comes naturally to me. Hes my son Im his mommy I dont want him to be upset and most of the time I know what he wants and how to calm him down.
He doesnt mind other people holding him but he will after a period of time cry like crazy, but Ive noticed that people dont like to hand him over if hes crying they just say hes colicy (and Im positive that he doesnt have colic) and my first instinct is to jump in and take him and calm him down, but doing this bothers other people because they want to hold him so I dont (I think Im going to change that tho)
I cant beleave how much my bug has grown in 7 weeks, I cant beleave that hes almost 2 MONTHS OLD!!! hes growing so fast!!! on tuesday I weighed him and hes 12lbs 10oz its CRAZY and hes so long, I have him in clothes for 3 month olds but only for the length hes as long as a 3 month old but they are too baggy on him, I cant wait to try and find clothes that fit him when hes older :( Hes also babbling like crazy and he LOVES to stand up, hes always watching and trying to figure things out, I bought a hotsling on wednesday and he loves it but only if he can sit in it so he can look out. I cant beleave how comfortable they are for me I thought that my shouldder would hurt but it doesnt. The position that the baby is in when they are sitting in it looks WAYYYYY too uncomfortable, his legs are folded and he looks like hes gonna suck on his toes, but I guess after being in the uterus for 9 months it doesnt bother them too much. Bergen loves it and Ive found a good sitting position for bug where he can see everything but his head is still supported and when he falls asleep I can tuck his head in farther. Its gonna be a godsend when we go shopping we wont have to take the car seat with us (he HATES the car seat and its SOOOOOOOOOO heavy now my bug is no lightweight). I LOVE THIS INVENTION!! I recomend one to all moms (and Im not the type that recomends things)


Leslee said...

I think it's perfectly normal for babies to react this way with mommy, especially the first few months. For months he listened to your heart beat and the sound of your voice, then the was born and you held him and he learned to trust you. My daughter, and now my son's the same way. Around the time my daughter was 5 months old I started taking some college courses at night and she stayed home with daddy and that was around the time she started "liking him better".

I think the age of the kid varies, but he won't be exclusivly a momma boy forever.

Anonymous said...

I am that kind of mother too. I love(d) holding the babies and small kids. They are only small for so long, and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with loving your child and giving him attention. He will learn security that way.

Your dh will communicate with him differently and your son will learn that communication.