Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bergens Birth Story

Thursday July 3rd, 8:00am on the dot I felt my first contraction I wasnt sure if it was the real thing or not so I just chilled out at home until about 1 AM. I couldnt tell what was going on so we thought a quick trip to the hospital and then they would send us back home telling me that it was just Braxton Hicks! Well they kept us over night to get checked out by the doctor the next day. I was released the next day to go home get active and see how things go so I went home took 2 Demorol and tried to nap and do things to get it all moving but then I noticed an Intense pain in my lower back and I mean this was intense it felt like someone was twisting and ripping my spin out also my contractions were getting much closer together they were lasting about a minute and were a minute to 2 minutes apart so we went back. On saturday (very very early morning)they tried to call Dr Miller but he didnt answer so he was a no show lol so I had Dr Davies and when he checked me out to see how dialated I was he noticed that I had "just a rim" left and that Bergen was in the posterior position which was causing me to have ALOT of back labour which was VERY intense the only thing that I was givin for the pain was laughing gas which when your having pain that bad in your back its a joke to even try it. Finally after hours of back labour bitchyness and just wanting something to make it feel better they decided to transfer me to the red deer hospital because the possibility of a c-section OR forceps was becomming a reality and they dont have the tools for it. At about 5ish I THINK (I wasnt watching the clock at this point i had other things on my mind) the ambulance FINALLY got there and I was loaded in. It was like as soon as I was put in the ambulance Bergen rolled over and the need to push became greater and greater the doctor told me that I shouldnt push and to just breathe through those urges (which is total BS good luck with that) I wasnt even incontrol at that point my body was pushing him out (it was a weird feeling its like I wasnt incontrol of what my body was doing) we got to the hospital in what felt like years and I was pushing in the elevator in the halls as I was about to walk over from the strecher to the bed it was intense BUT it felt sooooooooooooooooo much better then the back labour I was experiencing. I was worried that Shane wouldnt make it to the hospital before Bergen showed up BUT he did make it 3 hours after showing up in Red Deer ALOT of pushing, a second degree tear and no actual drugs MY BABY made his way into this world. There were some "problems" during the delivery and labour but they didnt cause any major issues. Like my tear and Bergen deciding to take a poop before he even made it into the world and parts of my placenta was calcified BUT things couldnt be better. My little boy is a champ for eating and my milk has come in. Apparently babys lose 10% of their birth weight like 3 days after birth but Bergen hasnt lost that much weight which seems to have surprised the peditrician. He didnt eat as frequently as the nurses wanted him to BUT when he did eat he ate for a while and he ate ALOT and still does. Bergen came out weighing 8 pounds 15 oz he was 21 inches in length and his head is 14 inches round. Hes a very chilled out baby and he LOVES to be held and cuddled so far every morning after he eats he just likes to cuddle with me for a few hours. And he doesnt cry alot just makes funny little squeeky noises. Its amazing Im the luckiest person ever we will see how things progress from here. There are other details that are a little fuzzy which I will add when I can remember them exactly.

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